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That Sinking Feeling

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Subsidence; there's a word you don't want to hear. Add rising damp to the sentence and you know there's work to be done! We're very pleased to be able to help Mrs. Adams with this delivery to Essex which will make life comfortable while builders work to underpin the property and contractors take care of the causes and results of damp.

As you can see, Paul is pleased as punch to have gotten this Rockwood in through a tight spot. Mrs. Adams is very pleased with the unit, and as you can see, it looks lovely in the garden.

If you're in need of temporary accommodation while insurance repairs are undertaken to your property please do get in touch. Our units have small footprints, require little space to park, and Paul loves a challenge when it comes to delivering (especially if it's an excuse to get in front of the camera).


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