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Typically older, not so fancy, several pet friendly units available.  Priced for the budget conscious and ideal for anyone wanting a long term option that won't break the bank.


Temporary Accommodation for Self-build & Renovation

Our RV's make great accommodation for 'Grand Design' self-build, renovation and repair projects.  With interiors and features that beat any caravan or static home - our temporary accommodation is a great choice for the short/mid term.


We have a variety of floor plans available to suit anything from a single occupant to models that can stretch to sleeping 6 or even 8.  A great feature of these units are the large water and waste storage tanks, and we have a few models available with solar power, so your temporary home will be operational even if your site services aren't.


Hire a Budget RV from Hire An RV

We hire a lot of budget units during the course of a year and our stock selection and availability changes considerably.  The pictures above are examples of units in our fleet, both at our storage site in Suffolk and out with customers around the UK.

Stock is constantly updated and refreshed, and as we have a wide range you can be sure we have the perfect model to fit your needs.

Checkout these examples from the Budget range:


Hire a Budget RV from Hire An RV

Hiring a 5th wheel RV as temporary accommodation during building work, property renovations, or repairs offers numerous benefits. Firstly, living on-site allows for close monitoring of the project's progress, immediate resolution of unexpected issues, and better coordination of contractors. This proximity can significantly speed up decision-making and reduce project delays. Moreover, an on-site RV provides a comfortable retreat, ensuring personal downtime without the daily commute.


Additionally, it can reduce accommodation costs compared to renting or hotel stays. Overall, a 5th wheel RV as a temporary home is a practical, efficient solution for overseeing extensive property work effectively and comfortably.

Hire a Mobile Home for Self-build Projects

Choosing a static RV caravan as your temporary on-site accommodation during self-builds offers substantial benefits.

You'll save valuable time by eliminating the need to commute, enhance site security by your constant presence, ensure you're there to receive all deliveries, and maximize the available work hours to keep your project on track.

We offer a variety of models that differ in size, age, and layout. Whatever your needs, we have an option for you across our Budget, Mid, and Premium pricing tiers.

Enhance your project's efficiency and comfort... Hire an RV.

Temporary Accommodation

Enjoy running hot and cold water, welcoming shower and flushing toilet.  On-site you'll have somewhere to cook, eat, manage paperwork, watch some TV, and get a great nights sleep.  


Hire An RV have you covered:

  • Static caravan for self build

  • Living in a caravan while building

  • Temporary accommodation while building

  • Living in a static RV caravan UK

  • Static caravan hire for house renovation

  • Caravan to live in while building


Cost of Hiring an RV

There are a number of considerations we need to make to match an available RV to your needs and budget:

  • To sleep how many (1-4)?

  • How many toilets (1-2)?

  • How new a model (2015-2021)

  • How large a unit (27'-32' long, 1-3 slides)

  • How long a hire period (1-36 months)

  • Where in the UK are you?

  • Do you need a pet friendly model?

  • Will you need plumbing to water and waste?

    Use the Request a Quote form at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling, we'll get back to you about prices to suit your particular needs.


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