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We are Paul and Avril Chapman, HIRE AN RV is part of our main business: Cross Country RV.  We've been importing Recreational Vehicles from America since 1998, as well as selling them we now rent them out to all kinds of people and businesses.

Since 2012 we've hired RVs, new and old, to big organisations like the BBC, festivals like Glastonbury, to builders, old couples, young couples, people attending sport weekenders, to production crews... you name it, we've supplied an RV for it!

Our family business is completely reliable and we have enough variety in our stock to supply luxurious new units to VIPS, actors, musicians and performer as well as families and couples looking to live on site while they work.  Give us a call or shoot an email to find out more - we're always happy to help.

Paul & Avril


In 2023 our long serving manager, Ashley and his wife, Kimberley became business partners and now take care of the day-to-day operation of Hire An RV.

When you contact Hire An RV you'll speak directly to Ashley or Kimberley, the driving force behind our family business.

With years of experience, Ashley and Kimberley continue our tradition of providing top-notch 5th wheel RVs for those undertaking property building projects.  They understand the importance of a comfortable and spacious home away from home while you undertake your Grand Design project.  To bring that luxury into your life just call.

With their years of experience in and around the business we both pleased and proud to have them on board; knowing our business and customers are in excellent hands.

Hire An RV now has a uniquely experienced team that is able to provide temporary accommodation.


Contact Ashley & Kimberley on 01638 810 415.

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RV's have brought us a lot of happy memories: we've travelled; met great people; made new friends and helped so many with passions and projects, that RV's are now the heart of our working lives.

The RV's we hire are a type known as Fifth Wheels (the 5th wheel being the one the RV hooks to a truck with).  They were developed in the States for touring and long weekends away. Over time they became more suitable for long term living, and with all they offer, they've become a means of 'off grid' self-contained living.

Our parent company (CCRV) imports units directly from manufacturers and RV wholesalers.  We regularly travel to America to check available stock, find the best models then import them into the UK.

Our fifth wheels have a value of anything from £15,000 to £80,000 for a large luxury unit.  Within you'll find all the conveniences that make fifth wheels a home from home; kitchen, living room, dinette, toilet, shower, bedroom.  With features like a fireplace, flat screen TV, sound system, air conditioning, reclining chairs; you, your family and your guests will want for nothing.

Click to view some of the units in our RV hire fleet.


Luxury Redefined
Our 5th wheel RVs offer a level of luxury that goes beyond expectations. Immerse yourself in the finest temporary accommodation, equipped with all the features you need for a relaxing stay.

Perfect for Self-build/New-build
We specialize in catering to the unique needs of individuals involved in property building work. From new builds to repairs and renovations, our RVs provide a haven after a hard days work.  You will also benefit from being on-site at your address, in turn  this will reduce disruption to family life.

Take a look at our static hire 5th Wheel RV's available for:

  • New, renovated and extended building work

  • Fire, flood, subsidence repairs

  • Exclusive range available to TV and production units

Comfort and Space
Our RVs are designed with your comfort in mind. Enjoy spacious interiors, modern amenities, and the freedom to unwind in a home that can fit in a suitable location on your plot.

Contact Hire An RV
Whether you're embarking on a new project, renovating a property, or simply in need of a temporary home, let Hire An RV bring that home to you. Explore examples of our luxury RVs on this site and discover a new level of convenience during your property building journey.

To find out more simply email Kimberley here.


Book now for 2024

With a good size fleet of units in a variety of lengths and floorplans we are sure to have what you need; from a compact RV to fit in a driveway up to a luxury portable home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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