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A short term home should the worst happen

Temporary Homes for Fire & Flood Repair

There is no question there has been an increase in demand for our units with more flooding and wind damage occurring in recent years.  If you find yourself struck by bad weather, or bad luck, then we may be able to help.

Whether it's the weather, fire, subsidence or any number of reasons you may need to vacate your home, Hire An RV plug the gap between home being uninhabitable and your remedial work being completed.

Our luxurious American RV's are fully fitted with everything. Self contained with living area, dining area, kitchen, WC and shower plus bedroom. They are also capable of running from their own water tanks, from gas bottles and solar panel charged leisure batteries; should services be temporarily unavailable.

Full comfort is provided with double glazing, blown warm air central heating, air-conditioning, air extraction, TV with Freeview, stereo and more... be totally comfortable outside your own home.

To find out more, get advice working with insurance companies or discuss delivery time frames, give us a call and we'll help make your situation a little better.


Emergency accommodation in the form of an RV is a perfect perfect short-term solution for a temporary home; wherever and whenever it's needed.
  • Stay where your home is
  • Keep an eye on your property
  • Stay close to schools
  • Stay close to loved ones
  • Ideal for those that have to consider life disruption, security and animals like horses

As you can see, these are fully featured homes that we can site in even the tightest locations.





Insurers - looking for a temporary accommodation solution?

Loss Adjusters, Claim Managers and Insurers Looking After Their Clients

A fast solution to temporary accommodation

Our parent company has decades of hiring quality mobile home solutions to the general public.  We are now focusing efforts on working with insurers to provide quality temporary homing to those who wish to live on-site while works are undertaken.

With a large on-hand stock of units and logistic experience we are equally capable of supplying to claimants as covering surge events; recent named storms being a prime example.

Over 3,600 families had to be found temporary accommodation by their insurers in 2017.  Latest statistics for 2019 indicate that some 5.2 million properties in the UK are at risk of flooding from river, coastal and surface flooding.  Hire an RV present insurers with a fast, fully equipped and readily available accommodation option that prooves an ideal solution for flood situations.

Flood, catastrophe, water escape, fire, subsidence; whatever the claim wherein accommodation will be required, contact us for off-the-shelf and tailored solutions.

We welcome your visit and tour of stock models to see how appealing they are in form, function, fit and ultimately, finance.  Please contact us to discuss.

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