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Instant Homes Following Fire & Flood

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Following a catastrophic event where your home becomes uninhabitable you'll need to contact your insurer about temporary accommodation. The insurers' Loss Adjuster will discuss options available to you which typically include hotel, B&B and rented accommodation. Not all will consider the availability of a solution like Hire An RV's temporary homes; so you may need to direct them to us if you think our units are ideal for your needs.

We find most of our customers choose one of our RV's as temporary accommodation because of security, as they are able to stay within the grounds of their own property and convenience with minimal disruption for schools, work, and for those who care for others or animals like horses.

Between a Loss Adjuster and/or Surveyor a course of works along with a completion schedule will be determined; this will help you project the period over which you'll need to hire from us. We do not charge any penalties for extending or reducing your period of hire; so you have no concerns there.

Your temporary home can be connected to an existing main electricity supply, water supply and waste or should one or all of these be unavailable the units can be self-sufficient over the short term. When you make contact with us we'll ask about the postcode for delivery - this is so we can check access and space available for the unit, otherwise there's little more to consider.

With stock availability we can have a unit to you within 24 hours of completing our simple and straightforward paperwork. As much as possible we make the entire process as stress-free as possible, after all, you have enough on your plate!

Above: Inside the Puma 257RESS, sleeps 4 at only 28' long

Looking for a great solution to your temporary home needs? Something that's close to home, comfortable, sleeps 2-4 adults, fully featured and costs less than a B&B per week? Contact myself, Avril, or Paul on 01638 515 700.


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