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Fishlake Floods

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Early in the night of Friday 8th November 2019, after prolongued torrential rain, the river Don breached and flood waters began to rise into the homes of the residents of Fishlake, Doncaster.

We're sure that like us, you would have been dismayed for those whose lives were affected, and saddened for those who suffered personal tragedy at the height of the flooding.

Eventually, some 700 residents were evacuated, and they, along with many more, now suffer the clean-up and repairs that befall a flood. At the time of writing, Hire An RV are finalising details with insurance underwriters, so we can soon deliver vehicles to a few of those affected.

It's a horrible time for all families, but we hope having clean, dry, comfortable accommodation outside their doors brings some respite from the hardship, work and discomfort.


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