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Making It Home

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Add your own touches for more enjoyment while you renovate.

In just a week since delivering one of our RV's to this lovely couple they had managed to make their temporary home even more like 'home' with just a little effort. We thought a few pictures might offer a bit of inspiration to our customers so they can make their refuge from building and renovation all the more enjoyable.

Homely Touches

Time and effort may dictate the amount you're prepared to invest into making temporary living more pleasurable, but take a look at the below. We've seen our customers make the most of their short to mid term term RV hire and think you may want to give these a go?

Decking As you can see, a simple stage under the awning can extend the living space and give you a platform out of the gravel, sand and mud of your building site.

Astro Turf A quick and simple way to give the impression of a patch of lawn on your building site. Throw on a couple of chairs and break time is all the more relaxing. Also useful to help you reduce dirt tracking in to your unit.

Garden Furniture Bit of a no brainer. Bring your garden/patio furniture to your temporary home and take advantage of the awning that each RV has. A great way to relax!

A Little Privacy

Have your own space away from the building works where the mess, trades and neighbours can't be seen. Especially beneficial when having to cope with the stresses of a long project.

Screening Nip to B&Q or Homebase and pickup a 'screen on a roll', typically willow or bamboo. Put some stakes in the ground and wrap around for a little privacy from the site.

Planters As above, screen-off your private space with plants in pots that have a little height - bamboo is an obvious choice.

Trellis Another job for a few tree support stakes and some cable ties or twine. Attach your trellis panels and make your own haven from the hubbub

Pallets If function out ranks form, and you have a stack of pallets laying around then up end them into a vertical position, run them around the perimeter of your temporary garden and drive stakes or fencing wires in to support the timber.

Enjoy it Morey

Each of our units have different features that make outdoor living all the more fun. These vary but can include outdoor speakers, big awnings, external kitchens, built in lighting and attachment points for gas BBQs and grills. Even without these you can easily make more of your RV.

Lighting String-up some outdoor fairy lights for a little evening magic and try solar powered path lights to mark out your plot and make it a little easier to find your way from building site to new home.

Plants A few plants in pots dotted around your RV and temporary garden will break-up the look of a building site and make your space feel more like home.

Comforts Bring the BBQ to your RV garden and drag over the picnic table or patio set so you can enjoy time with family and friends. If you have one, a fire pit, chimenea or patio heater will extend your evenings a treat (just don't put them anywhere near the RV or awning!)


Drop us a line and share any of the ideas you've had for making the most of RV living while your new build, self build or renovation was underway. We'd love to hear how you ingenious lot make the most of your RV hire!


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