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Super-tight Delivery for a Big Self-renovation

A casual inquiry about a one to two year hire became a conversation more about buying than hiring. This isn't really a Hire An RV story as it became a sale. What we thought you might find interesting is that CCRV's customer plans to live in their RV for one to two years while they renovate their property - something you may be considering?

Delivered to Peterborough, Summer 2023

We have dozens of customers who live in a 5th Wheel RV hired from us, and they do it for as few as a couple of months to a couple of years; especially those who are undertaking insurance repairs.

The Big Question

Th big question we're always asked (aside from price, call us for the answer) is "will it fit in my drive/garden/building site". Well, we have a few delivery videos for you to watch that show how small a space they'll fit in, and how tight an entrance we can navigate.

You can give us a call with your postcode and address details and we'll check into access and let you know if we can get a 5th wheel on to your property so you can enjoy luxury temporary accommodation when you are not hard at work on your project. Trust us, you'll want to relax in comfort!


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