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Making Isolation Less Lonely

We've been researching ways to help those isolating feel less detached from their family, and can recommend a very simple, and free, way to help achieve this.

Temporary self-isolation homes
A second home where your first is...

Ofcourse, parking one of our temporary homes on your own land is the first step to convenient, comfortable and reassuring isolation. There is another step you can take to reduce loneliness and improve mental health, and it's something that pretty much anyone with a spare phone can do for themselves.

A Little Tech' Goes a Long Way

You may well have heard or experimented with programs like Zoom, Facebook, Teams and Skype as ways for staying in touch through live video. Wanting an easy way to be there with and for our own family we have managed to setup, with our techno-phobic parents, a live 24-7 video monitoring and and chat system.

There are lots of app's out there for your smartphone that will help you achieve this. Having experiemented we recommend our favourite, one by the name of Alfred Camera. By taking an unused smartphone to our parents, standing outside, connecting to their wifi and setting up the app we turned an old phone into a camera and 2-way radio.

Disinfected, passed through the letterbox, then placed ontop of the TV we were immediately able to see them and speak to them. We can now do this any time we want without leaving the house. it would be possible, with a second phone and app' account, for video to work both ways; so they can see us and we can see them. This would be of immeasurable benefit for making parents, children and grand children feel connected.

Perfect for Our RV's Keep loved ones close and reduce the feeling of isolation

Hiring one of our homes as a temporary self-isolation unit, and incorporating a simple camera system like this gives everyone 24-7 connection. We can park a unit in your garden or driveway, you can walk out to say hello and drop off groceries, or 'pop-in' digitally see to see if all is OK and have a chat. What's more, you can add others to a 'circle of trust' so they can also connect and say hello whenever they feel like it.

Regardless of who needs to isolate, or for how long, combining our 5th wheel RV homes with a system like this will bring the family together while keeping everyone safe.

Find out more about our chosen camera app' here, and take a look around solutions for temporary homes for Covid-19 isolation here.


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