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An Amazing Delivery Team

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

We are lucky to have very proficient and skilled drivers on our delivery team at Hire An RV. Most of the time, property access is straightforward, but there are occasions when tracks, driveways, obstacles and terrain can make delivery a little more challenging.

Make sure to include your postcode when making an inquiry about hiring a temporary home for your building, renovation or insurance repair project. We will use this to check both the route to your property and access onto the site.

There have been instances where obstacles to turning have dictated shorter units (our models are available in lengths from 32' down to 27'), but by-and-large we can get even our largest models through the tightest spots.

Take a look at our gallery of tight-spot deliveries, and get in touch with your postcode when you are ready to request a quote.


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